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Gourmet du Village Chilled Dip

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Gourmet du Village Classic Dips

Lemon Dill: Gourmet du Village Lemon Dill Dip Mix Canister is one of the Gourmet du Village classic dips, the delicate flavor of dill with a hint of lemon now in a new large format, recyclable canister with re-closable lid. The card canisters are aluminum foil lined for freshness, and the dips come in a sealed protective pouch to prevent moisture. Makes 6 recipes, a yield of 12 cups or 96 oz of delicious dip. 2.57 oz (72g)

Guacamole: Gourmet du Village Guacamole Dip Mix makes a spicy, creamy dip. Made with market fresh avocados but even smoother with the addition of sour cream. Light, creamy, full of taste. Makes 2 cups. Net Wt. 1.8 oz (22g)


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